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Connecting with friends or family by sharing a climbing rope are some of lifes most indelible momments. Joshua Tree National Park is the surreal desert setting where your climbing adventures will manifest powerful feelings and vivid memories. Having fun while effectively managing risk is the name of the game. The benefits stemming from ones climbing experiences can be life changing.

Customized Private Guiding for beginning to advanced climbers or hikers of all ages, schedules and levels of desire. Climbing focus includes anchoring skills, lead climbing, aid climbing, big wall techniques, rappelling, crack climbing, rescue skills, etc.

Private guiding is available seven days a week by appointment. You and your guide will determine the appropriate curriculum.

Gratuities for guides are customarily 15-20% of the trip cost and are not included in any of our prices.

To make your reservation, Click Here! complete and submit. You will receive a confirmation by E-mail within 48 hours.


Quarter Day
(2 hour Maximum)
Half Day
(4 hour Maximum)
3 Quarter Day
(6 hour Maximum)
Full Day
(8 hour Maximum)
1 Person $215.00 $380.00 $445.00 $495.00
2 People $175.00 (each) $215.00 (each) $275.00 (each) $325.00 (each)
3 People $150.00 (each) $180.00 (each) $235.00 (each) $280.00 (each)
4 People $125.00 (each) $160.00 (each) $205.00 (each) $260.00 (each)
5 People $105.00 (each) $145.00 (each) $180.00 (each) $225.00 (each)
6+ People $95.00 (each) $125.00 (each) $170.00 (each) $215.00 (each)

*All rates subject to change based on season and/or availability.

All reservations are subject to cancellation policy.


Joshua Tree Rock Climbing School

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